Why Choose Ed Brocker, Broker?

About The Brokerage Real Estate Services, LLC

While the large traditional agencies have adopted the “bigger is better” philosophy, we are committed to quality and creativity. The Brokerage was started to create an environment for a small group of experienced REALTORS®, to work together in a spirit of cooperation and customer service. Instead of competing against each other, we brainstorm together to find solutions for our clients. We have worked for a large company. Now we want to work for you.

The real estate industry is changing and new business models are evolving. This has been accelerated by innovative technology, competition, as well as changes in economics and regulations.

Despite all these changes, real estate agents continue to play essentially the same vital role in facilitating real estate transactions. Our goal at The Brokerage, LLC. is to continually deliver unmatched service to our customers and clients within this environment of change.

We are an independent brokerage, consciously choosing not to become a franchise. Since we highly value excellence, personalized service, and innovation, a franchise model would not work for us. We are driven, not by the needs of a remote corporate office, but by the needs of our customers.

Our experience confirms that today's consumers enjoy a cooperative environment. They will support companies that advocate for them, empower them to make informed choices, and provide personalized and cost-effective service. Our model of real estate service allows you to choose the level of assistance and cost in which you find the greatest value.

Our offerings encompass all facets of residential real estate. We can market your home and/or help you find a new one. In addition to existing properties, we have experience with vacant lots, new spec homes and custom construction.

One size does not fit all. Whether you are a seller or a buyer, one of our first priorities is to inform and educate you about all the choices that exist. We believe that, when you understand every option and every cost, you can and will make your very best decision.

We'll help you. We'll listen to your concerns. We'll give you the facts and the support you'll need to become an informed and empowered consumer. We will never rush you, harass you, or pressure you.

If you are looking for a positively win-win real estate experience, contact us today and let us show you how we're different. Really.